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Welcome To Willie Buck ONLINE!

Welcome to Willie Buck On-Line.  You can find out all about one of Chicago's Hidden Treasure, The Amazin' Willie Buck here.  Normally, this would be the location for current news about the Chicago Blues Legend, but seeing as though this is the initial launch, we'll just be celebrating with an opening.

September 11th, 2015... In honor of the anniversary of September 11th, Willie Buck sends out a salute to the troops!!

Willie Buck has been performing at local blues spot, Rosa's Lounge on every Thursday. Rosa's is located on 3420 W. Armitage Ave. Chicago, IL 60647.  "I love to perform and I love to sing the blues" says Willie Buck about his performances.  "It a classic, classic place to hear the blues."

Willie Buck singing one of his more soulful renditions at the 2002 Chicago Blues Festival

This photo comes courtesy of Joe and Joe's Corner


Willie Buck, in partnership with Delmark Records have remastered and re-released his classic CD "I Wanna Be Loved" as "The Life I Love". The CD was followed up by "Cellphone Man" in preparation for his latest album that is yet untitled with all new material. The album, I Wanna Be Loved is comprised of classic tracks such as, "I Live The Life I Love" and the classic blues ballad "How Can I Be Nice To You" All the songs feature the musical stylings of "Big Moose" Walker on Piano and the Meyers brothers on guitar.  This album is definitley a classic.

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